Osteria Etrusca

The Restaurant is located at the bottom of VILLA APICIUS also known as DE RE COQUINARIA. The name APICIUS had long been associated with love of food. We will provide full culinary hosting including a great venue for your family events.

Italians are passionate about life, passionate about love, passionate about cuisine.

Our Italian chefs Michelle and Papito memo is: Food plays a central role in building relationships, and this is especially true in Italy. Food is a kind of language in many Italian families. Making pasta is an Italian mothers’ way of saying “Ti Amo”

Our chefs love their food and are intensely proud of what they create. Everything is fresh, usually locally sourced and made from olive oils, fruits and vegetables and seasonal game meats.

Osteria Etrusca is open from 08.00 until last guest, kitchen is open all day for our Tuscany Forever guest.
A tavola! Space is limited, so book your table early.

T: +39 347 850 4284
E: info@osteria-etrusca.com

The sheer pleasure of waking up and having a local, healthy breakfast. Each morning we offer fresh home- baked bread & croissants, ciabatta. Fresh ground Italian coffee and selection of fresh juices.

We offer a selection of Italian salami, cheeses & fresh vegetables, fruits. The best local products from local farms are picked up to meet our guests expectations.

Free-range Italian eggs are served to you every morning, associated with your special orders (pancakes and omelette).

Price of breakfast starts from €10.00 per person but only €5.00 per a small child and if you order breakfasts for more than 4 days in a week, the price starts from €7.00 per person.

Be aware that our restaurant does not have Italian siesta time in the afternoon, we are open for you the whole day. If you or your kids are hungry, why don’t you come and try our delicious menu and daily specials, local wine, beer and our home-made puddings? Lunches of pastas with wild boar and hare, local beef and lamb & locally sourced fish.

Experience fine dinning in an atmosphere reminisced of the dolce vita era allure of the Italian Riviera to give you the best family dinner memories.

You can test various antipasto meats like prosciuttos and salamis, main course of Wild boar stew with cacciatore, spaghetti with clams and selection of Pizza and a wide selection of Italian wine.

When you explore flavours of Italian food and wine , your kids might have a good time in the playing yard, next to the Restaurant’s terrace. You always can maintain an eye contact with them.

At night, you just have an amazing view of the stars (very limited light pollution) in order to relax and feel as if you are in the most beautiful place in the world.


Parties and dinners
The Osteria Etrusca presents a range of specials functions throughout the year. It is an ideal venue for wedding receptions, birthday or anniversary celebrations.

Cooking classes
Every Wednesday from 12.00 we arrange cooking classes for kids, we always recommend that families plan at least one special interactive activity in Italy. Our clients consistently report that it creates the best memories of your vacation. The price is €10.00 per child and this covers fresh pasta made by your child to cook at apartment with parents, fresh baked pizza made at the end of the lesson and selection of juices for kids. Parents are very welcome to come and stay with the child.

To Watch & Listen
We want to welcome you every Monday and Thursday from 19.00 up to 23.00 for Live concert at Osteria Etrusca. Space is limited please make your booking early.

Lido Pool Bar
We are happy to invite you to our pool bar when you can get Italian cocktail’s, cold beers and selection of soft drinks. For our young guest we offer freshly made crepes, selection of sandwiches and ice creams.
Pool bar is open from 15 June until 31 August from 11.00 to 16.00

Our environment
We are in Saline di Volterra. Without a doubt, the Mediterranean is one of the worlds most popular destinations- truly the middle of the earth and cradle of history. Tuscany exhibits a distinct and enduring way of life. Old time traditions mingle with the new one, and everybody visiting the Osteria Etrusca will have their choice of delectable, home made cuisine and world-class local wines.

There is no single, monolithic Italian cuisine. Italian food culture is very regional. With a varied geography, and an even more diverse history. Italian cuisine changes, depending on where you are. The province of Pisa is privileged habitat for truffles! Their search and use in local gourmet restaurants have a long tradition. Here, the white truffle embodies rural and social micro-history.

In the hilly Volterra, fairs and village banquets celebrate the maturing of these tasty funghi, which thrive under oak trees and poplars.