For Agents

Dear Sir/Madame,

We believe you do your best to meet your customers’ expectations and offer them an extraordinary holiday experience. Without question, the Mediterranean is one of the world’s most popular destinations – truly the middle of the earth and cradle of history. That’s why we can easily support your efforts and help you to ensure your customers’ happiness and loyalty.

Be our Business Partner.

Our mission is to deliver the best possible travel experience and create the image of Tuscany Forever as a trustworthy and reliable market player.

Due to the dynamic growth achieved in the last three years, we have decided to extend our offer to all European countries by co-operation with partners operating in tourism industry (Business Partners). We are looking for a long term, stable relation from which both parties can benefit.

All rights and obligations would be a matter of a future contract, but let us present some suggestions on the collaboration:

Our Business Partner would be entitled to offer our services (the Offer) to final customers on the agreed territory or by agreed tourism portal.

Selling the Offer, our Business Partner is entitled to operate on his own behalf or on behalf of Tuscany Forever depending on agreed conditions. In both cases, Business Partner has a right to use the Tuscany Forever brand to sell and promote the Offer.

The scope of the Offer is agreed between parties and Tuscany Forever is obliged to keep the Business Partner updated if any changes are implemented.

We promise to supply the Business Partner with all necessary sales support: always updated information on prices, apartment availability, special events which might have an impact on customer’s stay.

Occasionally Tuscany Forever arranges promotions and offers discounts. The Business Partner will be informed about it in advance.

Business Partner is entitled to get an agreed commission for every paid booking contract. Terms of payment are established in co-operation agreement.

If you find the above proposal interesting and suitable for your company, please let us know using the form alongside. We would be happy hearing from you.