Privacy Policy


Villa alle Monache with head office at Castagneto C.cci. Donoratico (LI) via Aurelia 2/E, the owner and the only administrator of Tuscany Forever Residence (including podere Berti and podere Acquaviva), presents this document in relation to UE resolution No. 2016/679 dated 27.04.2016.which came into force 24.05.2018 on personal data protection and free movement of such data.

Villa alle Monache declares that it collects personal data in the scope which is necessary for business purposes and/or local, Italian law requirements.

The data of our customers is registered in order to complete a rental contract and meet requirements of the Italian law on tourists registration.

Suppliers and subcontractors data is registered in order to properly execute business goals with a relations to a particular supplier or subcontractor.

The data is used for statistics purposes as well.

The data is processed in line with the highest standard of protection, transparency and control. The data is not transferred to any country outside EU.



The following Customer data is registered by Villa alle Monache:
1. Name and Surname
2. Date of birth
3. Sex
4. Home country
5. ID/Passport number and data of issue
6. Mail address
7. Home address
8. Telephone number

The following suppliers and subcontractors’ data is registered by Villa alle Monache:
1. Name and surname/ company name
2. Home address/ head office address
3. Internet domain
4. Bank account
5. Mail address
6. Telephone number



Data is recorded in a relevant scope in the following way:
1. In rental contracts both: paper and electronic
2. In Bookalet, a booking electronic system
3. In registration forms filled up by a customer at the arrival
4. In Excel sheets
5. In the CRM system
6. In confirmation of payment documents
7. In invoices and credit notes

Paper documents are archived in the Villa alle Monache office (via di Casa alle Monache , Saline di Volterra) which is protected by locks.

Electronic data is archived on company computers or a professional cloud with a limited access accessible only to a level of users’ by formal authorization.

Suppliers and subcontractors data is archived during the time of co-operation with a particular party and is stored at least for 5 years. Customer data recorded on paper is archived for 5 years; electronic customer data is archived for undefined time period.



Villa alle Monache collets personal data from the following sources:
1. Electronic, contact forms published on
2. Personal data collected by phone
3. Personal data collected by mails
4. Registration forms of the Bookalet system used in automatic booking process
5. Contracts with customers, suppliers and subcontractors
6. Suppliers and subcontractors invoices (if personal data is applicable)



Customer personal data is transferred to the Italian police system according to requirements of a tourist registration and to a tax system of a local administration (Comune di Volterra) in order to register a tourist tax. Personal data recorded on paper is transferred to local administration in Livorno in order to register a tourist tax.

People who have an access to customer, suppliers or subcontractor personal data are contractually authorized by Villa alle Monache to deliver professional services, such as: booking process management, operations management or financial control.

Suppliers and subcontractors data is transferred to the accounting office: Studio Contabile, Leonardo Carollini , Cecin, Italy.

Data might be transferred to E-Marka – IT company, located in Cracow , Poland but only for technical purposes. E-Marka has signed a declaration that all data is destroyed immediately after completing its’ service.



Everybody whose data is recorded by Villa alle Monache , has a right to review his/her personal data.

Everybody whose data is recorded by Villa alle Monache has a right to modify his/her personal data but only in the scope which doesn’t impact a possibility to execute business procedures and it is in line with legal regulations. Such a request has to be submitted in written by e-mail addressed or by traditional letter addressed to the head office of Villa alle Monache.

If a customer, supplier or subcontractor denies to deliver necessary personal data, Vila alle Monache doesn’t deliver any service or doesn’t complete any contract.

Everybody whose data is recorded by Villa alle Monache has a right to submit a complain to a relevant national authority of personal data protection based on art.51 of the UE Directive No. 2016/679 (in Italy: Autorita’ Garante dei Dati Personali )

The personal data is not used by Villa alle Monache for marketing purposes without a customer/ supplier/subcontractor permission. A customer permission or his/her direct enquiry allows Villa alle Monache to present a marketing offer.