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On the right side of this page you find apartments and villas unique ID numbers necessary to identify the property you stayed in. You may copy and paste the ID number into form field on trip advisor website.

Apartments and Villas unique ID numbers

Villa Acquaviva: HL222866
Villa Berti: HL540580

Lavanda C: HL225799
Lavanda D: HL225800
Lavanda E: HL225803
Lavanda F: HL222603
Lavanda G: HL222604
Lavanda H: HL222606
Lavanda I: HL222607
Lavanda L: HL222608
Giglio B: HL225808
Giglio C: HL225809
Giglio D: HL225810
Gelsomino E: HL225812
Gelsomino C: HL225804
Ciclamino D: HL225811