Being Leonardo Da Vinci
Our business partner, The Apennine School of Living Philosophy is proud to invite you to a special philosophical and meditative workshop Experiencing the World of a Genius

For those who expect more, who want to understand better,
who want to enrich their own identity

This workshop offers insight into vision and way of thinking of perhaps the greatest of thinkers, Leonardo Da Vinci. We will adopt the perspective of this famous artist, inventor and innovator by studying the most thrilling fragments of his diary. We will learn exercises in thinking and perception he created, in order to immerse into meditative states of increased mindfulness and clarity of thinking.

The Leonardo Method – employed during the workshop – provides us with specific psychosomatic effects: deep relaxation, psychophysical regeneration, enhancing well-being, as well as sense of coexistence with other people and the rest of nature.

The workshop covers such methods as meditations, lectures, discussions and other exercises run in a climate of intellectual game.

Date: October 5-12, 2019 (5 days of training)
Trainer: Dr Marcin Fabjański, founder of The Apennine School of Living Philosophy
The venue: The Tuscany Forever Residence, Tuscany, Italy:
More information on the workshop:
Price: €750 per person
Working language: English

The daily schedule

1. Meditation in movement according to the Leonardo Method.
2. Breakfast.
3. Morning block: lecture, discussion, exercises in writing and training of perception at the location or during a field trip.
4. Lunch.
5. The afternoon block: learning meditative methods inspired by Leonardo: working with attention, exercises in enhanced mindfulness, self-inquiry.
6. Dinner
7. Individual meditation /interview one to one with the trainer/free time

Dr. Marcin Fabjański is an academic lecturer, author of seven books, documentary film director and award-winning journalist, who has lived and worked in three continents. He studied western Philosophy at the universities in Poznań (Poland) and York (UK) and spent more than two years meditating in Buddhist monasteries in Asia.

The Apennine School of Living Philosophy ( in Trevi Nel Lazio, Italia, is perhaps the first school of philosophy for last 15 centuries located in a specific place, open to anyone, and offering an access to a teacher, who has created original approach to philosophy and meditation. The Apennine School of Living Philosophy has been working for … years and already conducted … trainings, workshops, lectures.

Condition of accommodation & booking procedure

Condition of accommodation:

a) Comfortable, beautifully designed apartments at Tuscany Forever Residence
b) A separate bedroom for every participant
c) One bathroom for 2 bedrooms
d) Fully equipped kitchen
e) Towels, linen, basic toiletry
f) Common leaving room

There are 3 swimming pools, tennis court and a playground at the property.
The price covers the workshop, accommodation and usage of common equipment and external facilities.
It doesn’t cover meals, transportation and other services.
Due to Tuscany Forever location, a car is a necessary means of transport.
Meals are arranged by guests themselves.

Any additional requirements on accommodation should be reported to:

Booking procedure

The Apennine School of Living Philosophy collects orders placed by phone +48 508 748 709 or e-mail (

Each order is fully confirmed after the deposit has been paid (25% of the total price)

The balance payment (75% of the total price) has to be transferred not later than 31 days before the workshop.

A written contract is signed between parties.

The Apennine School of Living Philosophy reserves the right to cancel the workshop if the number of participants is lower than 6 one month before the date of workshop. In such a case the deposit will be transferred back immediately.

In case of a booking cancelation by a participant within 7 days from the date of order, the deposit is transferred back in 100%. The deposit is not returned to the participant in case of a later cancelation. The balance payment is returned to the participant in 100% if the cancelation is requested not later than 3 weeks before the workshop.

If you are interested in booking with us or you have questions , contact us.

Call us: +39 334 634 27 12 or +39 366 978 95 07, or mail us: or use contact form: